“Glocalization is a term that was invented in order to emphasize that the globalization of a product is more likely to succeed when the product or service is adapted specifically to each locality or culture it is marketed in,” explained Steven Raimi in 2003. 

This definition of glocalization differs little from localization. However, glocalization can have another meaning: using the Internet to provide what used to be local services on a global basis.

In this sense, a site such as Craigslist, which allows users to advertise internationally to meet their local needs, is also an example of glocalization.

The term “glocalization” originated in the 1980s and was popularized in English by the British sociologist Roland Robertson. It refers to product and software localization and more. Localization, internationalization, globalization — there are plenty of terms to describe adapting products and software for foreign markets.

How Is Localization Different From Translation?

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