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Successful eLearning Localization: Putting Knowledge Together

Gain a better understanding of the role a subject matter expert (SME) plays, and the essential criteria for choosing the best SME for your business.

Diagnosis: Project Management Lost in the Translation

Finding an effective project manager is no easy task. Look here to discover expert project management tips from Lingualinx’s top project managers.

Casino Business Translation and Localization

Learn how to use translation to add a local touch to a casino marketing program and maximize positive customer experience.

In today’s world, more and more companies are going global. Are you?

Communicating with global employees can be intimidating, but it’s crucial in order to ensure that important policies are followed. This is where advice from Lingualinx comes in handy.

Video Game Translations

Explore practical ideas to help you responsibly expand your game’s reach into global markets and demographics.

3 Ways to Keep Your Nonprofit’s Mission Sustainable

Good intentions are not always easy to sustain. Discover tips for limited resources, increased demands, and engagement/advocacy among both employees and board members.

HR Language – Anything But Small Potatoes

Learn essential strategies for protecting employers and employees by making sure everyone can read and understand company policies and regulations.

Want your images to be understood worldwide?

An image may be funny in one part of the world but considered offensive in another. Do you know the difference? Avoid faux pas with these steps to enter new markets that are rich in unique and diverse cultures.