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LinguaLinx was born out of a love of world languages and cultures. This, combined with our devotion to serving our clients and being the best at what we do is what drives us to this day. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations. We are avid learners.

We're always looking for people who share these values to join our team. If you have a desire to challenge yourself, to be a part of a vibrant work community and grow your career, please show us what you've got!


Our Hiring Process:
What to Expect


Working at LinguaLinx is about more than just having the right skills, attention to detail and the drive to grow. It's about being part of a team of people that can work togther seamlessly and collectively accomplish great things. Our hiring process reflects this approach.



If you meet the requirements of the job, we start with a phone interview with our HR department to discuss the position and your background to make sure this is a good fit.


First-round in-person interview:  You will meet with your hiring manager and learn more about LinguaLinx, the position and how your role fits into the ongoing success of the company and our clients.


Second-round in-person interview: You will meet with part of the team you will be working with to get to know your colleagues, learn your day-to-day activities and get a feel for the culture and style of your future co-workers. 


Third-round in-person interviews: You will meet with the LinguaLinx Management Team to discuss the vision of the company, what your role means to us and how you can grow within our ranks.


If the Management Team and your colleagues think you will be a good fit, you're hired! 

Some Benefits of Working at LinguaLinx


  • Company matches 100% of 3% and 50% of 4% and 5%.

Comprehensive Medical Package

  • MVP Health Insurance (National Plan) up to a 70% employer contribution ($600 well-being rewards with every MVP Plan)
  • Guardian Dental & Vision
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Aflac


  • Internal Company Rewards and Recognition Programs- includes discounts on attractions and on certain brands inside the system.
  • Internal Company Swag Store
  • Milestone Anniversary Celebrations
  • Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Learning Sessions
  • Birthday Paid Time Off
  • Generous PTO / Positive Work-life balance
  • Full Remote Working Environment
  • Casual Business Attire

Other Great Benefits

  • Technology Driven
  • Continuous Process Improvements
  • Comprehensive Onboarding Process
  • Streamlined Interview Process
  • Friendly and collaborative work environment


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Jonathan Smith


Jonathan Smith joined LinguaLinx in 2005. Over the last fifteen years he has overseen the installation and maintenance of our Information Technology infrastructure including server technology, desktop hardware and applications as well as telecommunications. He has taken an active role in managing the day-to-day operations at LinguaLinx since 2013. In January 2015, Jonathan was promoted to Chief Operating Officer with an eye on the growth and direction of the company. IT continues to be a passion of his, both inside and outside of work. Jonathan might have a “Man of Mystery” persona about the office, but he is definitely the most “fit” member of the management team! (Fitness is a big hobby and part of his life.)


Charlotte Knoll


Charlotte wants job candidates to know, it’s not a requirement to speak multiple languages to succeed at a language service provider. Before leading recruitment, on-boarding and employee relations for LinguaLinx, she worked in the legal field, and for a variety of large and small companies in the private and public sector. She holds a bachelor’s in political science with a minor in business administration from the University of Albany. She’s always wearing great shoes, whether she’s at work or in the kitchen cooking (and sometimes burning) new recipes.

Andres Ravello Demaria

Andres Ravello Demaria


Andres is a seasoned localization manager with over a decade of experience. With a background as a software developer, he brings a unique perspective to his role, constantly seeking ways to optimize processes, accelerate timelines, and deliver exceptional results. Prior to joining LinguaLinx in 2020 as Head of Localization, Andres held various key positions at leading Localization Service Providers, including Test Lead, Project Manager, Program Manager, and Program Director. In these roles, he successfully managed Fortune 100 accounts and programs, overseeing international teams of over 100 individuals and thousands of suppliers. Andres takes pride in his ability to drive change management solutions, streamline processes, and implement cutting-edge technology for automation. He fosters an environment where every team member feels motivated and engaged. Beyond work, Andres finds joy in spending quality time with his family, immersing himself in books, engaging in soccer matches, and pushing his limits with weightlifting.

Gloriana Roldan

Gloriana Roldan


Gloriana has been in the language service industry for over 7 years. Before joining LinguaLinx in December 2022, she held various positions including Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, and Global Team Lead at one of the largest Localization Services Companies. As part of the LinguaLinx team, Gloriana collaborates closely with our Head of Localization, overseeing our production team and implementing initiatives to enhance our processes. With her exceptional people management, process simplification, and time management skills, she brings valuable expertise to the table. Gloriana's contagious enthusiasm for tackling new challenges and her ability to inspire the team enables us to achieve our company goals and drive success.


Sara Caldwell


With a master’s degree in history and a BA in Education, the leap to a professional accounting career was a surprise even to Sara - but she is happy every day she took the chance to leap. Her interest in world cultures and languages led her to apply as a billing clerk initially with LinguaLinx back in 2012. Over the course of her years with the company, she completed continuing education and professional development courses to match her credentials to her updated career choice and rose to her current position. Her obsessive attention to detail and ability to memorize (think history tests) has served her well in her role. She spends her free time micromanaging her family with the precision she uses at work – and finds time to relax at the beach several times a year to reset her mental spreadsheets. 

Jenn Agiovlasitis

Jenn Agiovlasitis


For more than a decade, Jenn has been helping people and organizations communicate effectively by teaching them the benefits of using a language service provider. She’s on a mission to inform others that going by what “Google translation says,” can result in misunderstandings or misinterpretation because it’s been translated by a machine. Long before online dating was cool, Jenn met her husband in a chatroom 20 years ago. They enjoy spending time outdoors with their son, which gave her an opportunity for a chance meeting with Willie Geist of the “Today Show.”

Colleen Dempsey

Colleen Dempsey


Empowering people to connect when they may not have otherwise had the ability is Colleen’s number one goal. Before joining LinguaLinx, she worked in athletic communications performing media relations, website management, social media, statistics, game-day operations and graphic design duties. She is happiest when she’s singing and if she had one superpower it would be the ability to teleport—that would make it easier to accomplish her goal of visiting all 50 states and every continent.

Kayleigh Gratton

Kayleigh Gratton


With almost a decade of Translation Services under her belt, our Client Relations Manager, Kayleigh Gratton, not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. Kayleigh leads the team of Client Relations Executives with tactful, knowledge-based problem solving and solutions expertise. Like her favorite animal the giraffe, she is always willing to stick her neck out for her clients and team members, never losing her cool when tight schedules and tricky projects arise. When asked what she wishes her superpower could be, she says she’d like to fly like bird, but as far as we’re concerned, she’s already soaring. When she’s not flying high here at work you can find her with her son enjoying all the seasonal fun Upstate NY has to offer, kicking up her heels with friends at a country music festival or curled up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and a favorite true crime TV show.

andrew slawsky

Andrew Slawsky


Andrew’s priority is providing clients with an opportunity to live their best life, regardless of the language they are most comfortable speaking or where they are located. As a speaker of six languages (English, Arabic, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, French, American Sign Language), Andrew has spent his entire professional career in the language service industry. With a bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, he understands the importance of translation and localization. In his spare time, he is a hobby farmer and is cultivating a mini fruit orchard with blue plum, apple and fig trees.

Morgan Leo

Morgan Leo


Morgan thrives on changing people’s lives. Through the hiring process, where she gets to know applicants from their first interview, Morgan follows new employees on through their career at Lingualinx. She joined the company as a student at Siena College where she studied management with a concentration in human resources. Her advice to applicants: “Be yourself in an interview and remember that you’re interviewing us as much as we’re interviewing you.” Morgan counts international travel as one of her favorite activities.

Tiffany Freeman

Tiffany Freeman


Tiffany once heard a motivational speaker say, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with,” and she believes the exceptional LinguaLinx team makes the difference for staff and customers. She has a bachelor’s in Modern Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish and Russian. She also has a master’s in Italian and Translation and has put those skills to work in the translation and localization industry for the last decade. Seeing all the natural wonders of the world tops the gym junkie and avid CrossFitter’s bucket list.