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For us, being a native speaker in a specific target language simply isn’t enough. It’s only one consideration in what has become one of the most demanding recruitment, testing and certification processes in our industry.

Put simply, our translation, localization and subject matter experts have proven that they are the best in the business.
Why Choose LinguaLinx?

LinguaLinx is a talented and driven group. We're always looking for the right people that have the skills and fit our team. Is that you?

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Proven Experience in over 200 languages

Proven Experience with 200+ Languages

We have experience with over 200 languages; expertly completing project that, collectively, 98% of the world population would understand with clarity.

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Subject-Matter Expertise

We work in all industries, but our subject-matter expertise runs deep in several key industries for which translations are complex but crucial.

Industry Expertise


"Lingualinx provides us with the ability to have multiple languages in our instruction booklets, on our packaging, and all of our marketing materials to better connect with our audience and customers. The translations are always done in a timely fashion, which we greatly appreciate. This allows us to hit our deadlines and get our products to the market as soon as possible. Quick responses and great customer service always go a long way and are not overlooked."

National Account Manager, Wahl Clipper Corp.

"LinguaLinx means quick and efficient service! You and your team always make sure our requests are handled professionally and delivered at the highest standard. And did I mention, quick!?"

Marketing Manager, MetroPlus

"Extremely professional, fast, and completely affordable. I hope we continue to collaborate for many years."

Translation Coordinator, AARP


As an industry leader, LinguaLinx is familiar with international standardizations and we consistently meet and exceed these performance and quality benchmarks. Our current success rate (over 99% of projects delivered on-time with no significant revisions) is a result of numerous continuous improvement factors:

SAE J2450

Society of Automotive Engineers standardization of automotive terminology

ASTM F2575-06

Standard guide for quality assurance in translation

ISO 17100

Standard for Translation Services

DIN 2345

German Institute for Standardization guidelines for contract execution

  1. The Client submits the translation project for the document(s) through one of many convenient media. The Client’s point of contact acknowledges receipt and confirms the scope of work.
  2. The translation project is assigned to a LinguaLinx Project Manager with clear and specific directions from the Client and any relevant reference materials.
  3. The Project Manager prepares the document(s) for translation by thoroughly vetting the contents of the document(s) to ensure translation accuracy.
  1. The source document(s) is (or are) sent to the Client’s LLC™-certified preferred linguist for translation. Progress is closely monitored by the Project Manager.
  2. Every translation undergoes our rigorous TEP and QA processes before being finalized. Specifically, the Project Manager, editors and proofreaders scrutinize a translation to ensure its accuracy with respect to the Client’s source document(s), cultural considerations and applicable linguistic standards.
  3. Translated document(s) are delivered to the Client both on-time and within budget. All translated sentences, phrases and terms are stored to the Client’s translation memory to ensure cost-effective future translations.
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Global organizations such as American Standard Manufacturing, Boeing, Disney, Google, Hanes, Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Department of Defense demand absolute security and we deliver. When it comes to intellectual property, protected health information, personally identifiable information and any other sensitive or confidential information, we take nothing for granted and even the smallest projects benefit from:

  • Secure IT network
  • Stringent IT policy and procedures
  • Team member confidentiality training
  • Building security with armed guards and video recorders
  • Locked server room only accessible by two LinguaLinx executives
  • Control of data access per network user
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Remote access policy with tight security protocols