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Connecting people across languages

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Connecting people across languages

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I like working with LinguaLinx because of the ease of the whole production. It is great not having to manage or drive “something else.” LinguaLinx seems to understand that I was the customer and not project manager. Customer service seems to be a priority.



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Machine Translation:

Takes the output of raw machine translation and applies a light post-editing review to better convey its context

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Human Translation:

Build a stronger connection with your target audience. Localized human translation accounts for language subtleties, cultural expectations, and target-market distinctions to convey your communication in a more culturally nuanced way.

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Convey the authentic meaning of your marketing messages in other languages through adapted copy that retains tone, context, and original intent.

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Live or recorded speech is transformed into written or electronic text with the speed and accuracy you expect from LinguaLinx.

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Website Translation:

LinguaLinx becomes a real-time interpreter between website visitors and your server. The proxy serves as a translation layer of your website.

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Take into consideration language subtleties, cultural expectations & target-market distinctions to convey the meaning of your source communication in a more culturally cogent manner.

Service or features sections:

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Website Localization:

LinguaLinx becomes a real-time interpreter between website visitors and your server. The proxy serves as a translation layer of your website.

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Design Services:

Maintain brand integrity complete with culturally relevant content, layout, and graphics in all target languages.

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Audio & Video Localization and Subtitling:

The LinguaLinx network of voice talent, bilingual supervisors and audio engineers are skilled in producing voice-over tracks, accurate and culturally-appropriate subtitling and complete audio and video translations.

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Consecutive, Simultaneous, or On-Demand interpretation; your meetings & events are too important for anything but the highest standard of expertise and interpersonal skills.


Finding ways to solve problems is really what’s impressed me about LinguaLinx. They’ve met every challenge that I’ve come up with.

Bob Muench

Translator Coordinator, Salt Lake City School District

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Simultaneous Interpretation:

Simultaneous Interpretation Services involve interpreting into the target language at the same time the source language is spoken.

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Consecutive Interpretation:

During consecutive interpretation, a speaker pauses after completing an idea and the interpreter proceeds to translate what was said.

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Telephone Interpretation:

Our telephone interpreting service does NOT require equipment to lease, predictability requirements to satisfy, set-up fees, monthly minimums, or maintenance charges.

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Sign Language:

Our ASL and international sign language interpreters ensure you have the interpreting and transliterating services you need for any event, in any language.

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