eLearning Translation Services

Online training is one of the best ways to instruct, educate, and share knowledge effectively with your employees and customers. Today's global workforce shows us how important it is to deliver dynamic learning that resonates across multiple locations and languages.

We have a range of skilled translators and linguists with specific industry knowledge and subject matter expertise. We provide turnkey eLearning solutions, as well as custom combinations of written, audio, and video content depending on your needs.

Your eLearning Translation Needs May Include:

  • Cultural consulting
  • Experience with authoring tools and software
  • Graphics localization and desktop publishing (DTP)
  • Script transcription and translation
  • Software translations
  • Source content for eLearning localization
  • Voiceover, subtitling, and dubbing


Audio / Visual Translations

Audio and visual content can be one of the most effective and engaging ways to share educational information.

We offer high-quality script transcription, voiceover, and subtitling services to our clients.

We ensure all technical details remain and that your content is contextual for each specific location and audience.

Document Translation and Transcription

Communicating clearly is fundamental when it comes to educational material.

Our skilled translators distill complex information into easily understood content for a wide range of global audiences.

Whether offline materials, workshops and training guides, resource files, or audio and visual scripts, all of your eLearning materials will remain accurate and detailed, yet simple to understand.

Transcreation & Multilingual Copywriting

Depending on your subject matter, industry, and audience, your eLearning material may differ in complexity. Because of this, nuance is essential.

Our translators offer transcreation services to provide cultural reference and context, while ensuring the meaning of the source material remains intact.

Going beyond word-for-word translation means your content is even more relevant and meaningful, and easier to understand for your audience.


We translate 98% of the world’s languages.

We connect the world through translation - translating over 200 languages with precision and clarity. Explore some of the many languages we translate:

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We have tools and processes to control costs.

But we own the tools and processes, they don’t own us. The solutions we create together, will be designed, developed and executed specifically for you.

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