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Trust our professional translators to deliver accurate and on-time translations, tailored to your business needs. 

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Communication should be authentic and human.

Trust our language experts to translate your projects with care, retaining your intended context and tone.

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Communicate with your employees and customers in their first language - with confidence.

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Linguistic nuances vary from region to region - make sure your translations resonate with your audience.

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From over-the-phone interpretation to on-demand interpretation, your message is interpreted with accuracy in any situation, in real-time.

Since 2002, we’ve completed more than 250,000 projects for over 1,500 clients.

We’re the trusted, go-to partner for the world’s leading companies, institutions, and governments.

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Who We Serve

Regardless of your industry, our linguists have subject-matter expertise to fulfill your translation needs.

Our subject-matter expertise runs deep in across industries for which translations are complex but crucial including education, healthcare, human resources, and manufacturing.

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Lingualinx specializes in comprehensive eLearning translation services that enable you to deliver training and instruction to employees and customers worldwide.

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From medical documents to face-to-face interpretation our network of medical interpreters and translators are HIPPA compliant and subject matter experts in medical terminology and communication.

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LinguaLinx is proud to serve as the go-to language service provider for some of the largest and most diverse school districts across the country. 

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Human Resources

When a business transcends borders, Human Resources translations from LinguaLinx can help keep multinational offices on the same page.

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Our native linguists translate in over 98% of the world’s languages.

From Arabic to Zulu, our expert linguists have experience with over 200 languages.

Ranked Among the Top Language Service Providers in North America & the World

Independent market research firm, CSA Research named LinguaLinx as one of the providers leading the delivery of language services globally, ranking it as the 57th largest LSP in the world and 17th largest in North America.

LinguaLinx was recognized among the Top 20 Fastest-Growing LSPs and Tech Providers and ranked among the Top 20 Fastest Sustained Growth of LSPs and Tech Providers in the World. Most recently, LinguaLinx was featured on the 2021 Inc. 5000 list as one of America's fastest-growing private companies. 

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