Financial Translation & Interpretation Services

Expert Translation & Interpretation Services for the Banking and Finance Industry

Language expertise you can bank on.

In financial services and banking, you need to be 100% accurate. Simple translation or interpretation is often not enough. International finance businesses need to partner with a Language Service Provider (LSP) that understands and has experience in this highly regulated industry.

Today, economic interactions transcend borders. At LinguaLinx, our language experts cover 98% of the world’s languages. This understanding of regional and ethnic nuances helps to ensure a genuine and clear connection with virtually anyone, anywhere in the world.

Finance Translation & Interpretation Features

  • 200+ Languages
  • ISO 17100 certified
  • Connect with non-English speaking consumers and partners
  • Provide culturally accurate translations
  • Ensure regulatory and legal requirements
  • More cost-effective than an in-house team

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Finance Translation Services

Our expert network of linguists are all selected for their financial services experience, which means they understand the details of such an intricate industry, and how to transfer these details from one language to another. As an ISO 17100 certified LSP, our native-speaking, professional translators are required to adhere not only to our standards but to the highest international standards. 

Financial documentation can be complex at the best of times, so we work hard to make sure our translations are as simple to understand as possible, without compromising their accuracy. 

We understand that not everyone has unlimited resources, so when possible, we use templated content that we’ve previously created so that your budget is spent on the bespoke areas of your documentation.

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Finance Translation Service Offerings

  • Document Translation:

    Examples include Contracts and Agreements, Investment Reports, Disclosure Agreements, Annual Reports, Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Prospectuses, RFPs, Tax Reports and Investor or Shareholder Information

  • Website & Software Localization: Translation and localization of websites, customer portals and mobile applications

  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Finance Interpretation Services

Financial decisions are often some of the most important decisions that people make. Being able to understand the parameters and consequences of decisions in people’s mother tongue gives them the best opportunity to make the right decisions for themselves and their family. 

At LinguaLinx, we have a global network of certified professional interpreters who have extensive knowledge of the finance industry.  We also provide technological solutions, such as Video Remote Interpretation (VRI), to give clients and partners the ability to connect in real time as not only a voice, but a person.

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Don't see your industry? Don't worry. We serve all industry needs in over 200 languages.

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