Medical Interpretation and Translation Services

Professional Interpretation & Translation Services for the Healthcare Industry

There is a growing need throughout the healthcare industry to provide language access to patients and other key stakeholders. Our network of professional medical translators and interpreters are true subject matter experts and are experienced in working with technical medical terms to deliver accurate patient information.

Medical Translation & Interpretation Features

  • 200+ Languages
  • HIPAA & Title IV Compliant
  • Medical Subject Matter Experts
  • ISO 17100 Certified

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HIPAA and Title IV Compliance

LinguaLinx adheres to both HIPAA and Title IV Compliance. Our organization is also ISO 17100 certified under the Translation Services Management System. We believe that the security and confidentiality of both your organization’s materials and patient information are of the utmost importance.

Medical Interpretation Services

Interpretation services help medical professionals communicate effectively with LEP patients. Medical interpreters are masters at accurately conveying nuanced meanings from one language to another. Communicating with patients in their first language is critical when presenting any medical-related information, giving patients the agency to make fully informed decisions about their health.

LinguaLinx offers an array of interpreting services including face-to-face, over-the-phone (OPI), and Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) services to provide live interpretation of treatment and prescription information.

Our new LinguaLinx VRI service is available on-demand in our most-requested languages so you can connect to a professional interpreter instantly when you need it.

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Medical Interpretation Service Offerings

  • Face-to-Face Interpretation
  • Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpretation
  • On-Demand, over-the-phone interpretation (OPI)
  • Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)
  • Sign Language Interpretation

Medical Translation Services

Lingualinx translation services cover a wide variety of needs in the healthcare industry. As one of our core industries, we have a deep understanding of the complexities involved including the laws, rules, and regulations. Our network of medical translators are experienced in translating mandated languages, familiar with the technical language involved, and possess the diligence necessary to deliver accurate translations. 

Whether it’s translating patient forms, medical documents, operation brochures, or medical device manuals, our expert linguists will ensure your multilingual needs are met in an accurate, timely, and efficient manner. 

LinguaLinx uses translation memory tools that help with cost savings, time efficiency, and most importantly, the consistency in translation of key terms and phrases.

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Medical Translation Service Offerings

  • Document Translation: Examples include Prescription Usage Instructions, HIPAA and Title IV Compliance, Patient Rights and Information, Insurance Benefits and Member Information
  • Open Enrollment Marketing Materials (Includes formatting and translating graphics when necessary)
  • Website & Software Localization: Translation and localization of websites, patient portals, and mobile applications
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Health Insurance Translation Services

Open Enrollment for employee benefits began on January 1, 2022. Make sure your insurance benefits and member information is available to employees in their first language. LinguaLinx can translate policy information, consent forms, patient claim documents, and more.

Our language experts cover 98% of the world’s languages and possess the healthcare and insurance-related industry knowledge to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Check out our case study for MetroPlus where we translated over nine languages for a target audience of over half a million participants.

Don't see your industry? Don't worry. We serve all industry needs in over 200 languages.

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