LinguaLinx educational translations can make teaching and learning easier for students at home and abroad.

We provide the requisite materials for professors and teachers as well as the brochures and related literature for colleges and universities to attract international students.

Inclusive education is the key to social advancement and multicultural understanding. There are nuances to learning materials that require the skilled insights of a translator with the ability to understand and interpret the message behind the words and effectively translate the context of intent to ensure the authentic message is received.

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At LinguaLinx, we have expert linguists and a proven track record of experience translating educational content for schools and eLearning programs around the world. Our abilities span all grade levels and materials.

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From in-classroom teaching aids and syllabi to curricula and procedural guides, our localized educational translations can help you effectively cultivate the great minds of the next generation.

Your Educational
Translation Needs
May Include:

  • Curriculum and course requirements
  • In-classroom content
  • Textbooks and study guides
  • Research and reports
  • Training materials
  • Academic papers and bibliographies
  • Brochures

Our Educational Translation Solutions:

  • Website proxy, translation and localization
  • Voiceover and subtitling
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Transcreation & multilingual copywriting
  • Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP)

Don't see your industry? Don't worry. We serve all industry needs in over 200 languages.

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