Educational Interpretation and Translation Services

From in-classroom teaching aids and study guides to academic papers and research, our educational interpretation and translation services will help you teach students in a way that's localized and relevant to them, whether learning at home or abroad.

We provide the necessary materials for professors and teachers, as well as the related literature for colleges and universities to attract international students.

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Your Educational Translation Needs May Include:

  • Academic Papers & Bibliographies
  • Brochures
  • Curriculum & Course Requirements
  • In-Classroom Content
  • Research & Reports
  • Textbooks & Study Guides
  • Training Materials


Website Proxy, Translation & Localization

When it comes to your website's educational content, we ensure high-quality and accurate translations, as well as a localization service that ensures the context is culturally relevant for your new audience. We also provide a proxy service which is a translation system that sits between your original website and a reader's translated version. Think of this as a mirror that reflects the localized content in the reader's language.

Voiceovers & Subtitling

Audio and visual content can be powerful educational tools. However, if time and care aren't taken when translating them into a new language, the meaning can be lost entirely. We provide a robust voiceover and subtitling service that ensures all messaging remains accurate and useful for whichever language it's being translated into.

Telephone Interpretation

For a more personal and real-time translation that takes place over the phone, we can provide an experienced, localized interpreter. This solution allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently with anyone in the world, in a way that's clear and culturally nuanced to all parties.

Transcreation & Multilingual Copywriting

For written communication, you should go beyond surface-level translation, particularly when it comes to educational content, as this will provide more meaningful and in-depth learning for the student. Our transcription and multilingual copywriters apply cultural context and suggest nuances and phrases that can deepen understanding of the source material in a way that's easy to understand and retain.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

This service goes beyond simple translation and looks at the entire content process to ensure it's as helpful and accurate as possible. We can create localized versions of any documents, ensuring their original meaning remains intact. As well as quality assurance from a grammatical and spelling point of view, we'll also check the formatting is the best it can be for a particular region, and look at it from a creative angle to see if there's any culturally creative way to share the message.


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