Human Resources Translation Services

Human Resources is an essential department for any business, especially if you work globally across a range of locations and languages. Gaps in continuity and comprehension can be a barrier to successful operations. You need to ensure your staff has an equal understanding of policies and expectations to keep everyone on the same page. Doing so will ensure the work flows smoothly.

Our skilled linguists work across all industries and sectors for both public and private companies. We aim to remove language barriers and help employees thrive through translated and localized human resources materials.

Your Human Resources Translation Needs May Include:

  • Compliance regulations
  • Contracts
  • Corporate websites
  • Employee manuals, policies, and procedural documents
  • Insurance documents
  • Safety and benefits paperwork
  • Training programs, videos, newsletter
  • Workplace safety documents


Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Through our Multilingual Desktop Publishing service, our linguists look at every aspect of your content, from grammar, spelling, and accuracy, to format and audience type.

This complete approach means your content is recreated from scratch with the new language - and audience - specifically in mind. We also work creatively to provide culturally relevant ways of sharing information and messaging.

Telephone Interpreting

If your human resources department needs to communicate over the phone but doesn't have a shared common language with the recipient, our telephone interpretation service can help them convey all the information simply and with ease.

Our interpreters are skilled in this discipline, meaning they're able to convey your company's human resources information in detail.

Transcreation & Multilingual Copywriting

To be sure your content stays meaningful and relevant for a new audience, we go beyond word-for-word translation.

Transcreation copywriting is essential to provide nuance and detail, particularly when working with complex employee policies and procedural documents.

Our linguists are skilled in all areas of human resources, keeping the meaning of your source material intact.

Voiceovers & Subtitling

Audio and visual content are extremely useful and engaging ways to convey human resources information. They can provide a lot of complex training, safety, and compliance material, so they require high quality and detailed voiceovers or subtitling. Our services ensure all technical details remain intact and contextual for a new audience.

Website Proxy, Translation & Localization

When it comes to sharing a multitude of human resources information, your website can be a goldmine for staff.

We provide high-quality and accurate translations for your website, as well as a localization service which means all content is contextual and relevant for your new audience.

We can also help with your website proxy, which is a translation system that sits between your original website and a reader's localized version, reflecting the translated content.


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