Government & Non-Profit Translation Services

Whether for community, education, healthcare, or political needs, governments and non-profit organizations provide essential services that must be accessible to all. Our secure and reliable multilingual solutions remove language barriers by providing clear, high-quality translations.

We are the preferred language service provider for many federal, state, and local agencies. Our skilled linguists and translators are familiar with all aspects of government procurement processes and language access requirements under Title VI and maintain compliance with regulations such as Section 508.

Your Government and Non-Profit Translation Needs May Include:

  • Academic Papers & Bibliographies
  • Government interpretations
  • Healthcare translations
  • Legal translations
  • Software translations


Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Our Multilingual Desktop Publishing service is a complete approach to content. Our linguists and translators recreate everything on your website from scratch with your language - and readers - in mind. They'll also share recommendations on content formats, in case there's a clearer and more accurate way to deliver information that's culturally relevant to a particular location.

Telephone & Face-To-Face Interpreting

Our telephone and face-to-face interpretation service is an accurate and fuss-free way for councils, authorities, non-profits and government bodies to communicate, without everyone involved sharing a common language. Our interpreters are highly skilled and experienced, meaning they can convey potentially sensitive information with accuracy and confidentiality.

Transcreation & Multilingual Copywriting

We go beyond word-for-word translation to ensure meaning and context remain relevant no matter what language is being used. Transcreation copywriting provides nuance and detail which can be particularly beneficial when it comes to translating complex documents that feature detailed and sensitive information.

Website Translation & Localization

The websites of governments, councils, authorities, and non-profits all hold a lot of detailed and potentially sensitive information. Because of this, a localization service is hugely beneficial, as it means all content is made contextual and relevant for your new audience. As well as this, we provide high-quality, accurate translations and a website proxy service. This is a translation system that sits between your original website and a reader's localized version, reflecting the translated content.


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