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Hiring a Great Team @ LinguaLinx is Like Immersion in a New Language

Hiring a Great Team @ LinguaLinx is Like Immersion in a New Language

Hiring a Great Team @ LinguaLinx is Like Immersion in a New Language

Bryan Degnan, Director of Sales

We pride ourselves on finding the best fit to add to our growing team. It occurs to us that our hiring process is a lot like what you need to do to immerse yourself in a new language. So as we gear up for back to business, here’s how to immerse yourself in LinguaLinx to give you the best chance at joining our team.

1. Connect with a LinguaLinx native speaker. Hands down, the best way to learn about the opportunity and how you can contribute to our clients’ success is to speak with multiple members of our team. First, we do a phone screening where we briefly discuss your background and interest level and ensure this is potentially a good match. Next, we have you do an in-person interview with your hiring manager and then we have you interview with the team you’d work with on a daily basis. See our full process here. 

2. Study what we do and how we do it. Thoroughly read our website content, including client case studies to get a sense of what we do for clients and a better understanding of how your background and experience can contribute to helping us succeed and delight our clients. Check out our blog. Scroll through our social media feeds. Read news stories about us. Tour our office.

3. Carry a dictionary at all times. We can’t stress enough how important attention to detail is to us and what we deliver to our clients. If we’re seeing typos and spelling errors in your emails or resume (CV), that is a giant red flag for us. Spell check takes no time at all and reading through what you’ve written to ensure it makes sense, flows well and isn’t missing words will help you stand out in a good way.

4. Watch, listen, read and write to show us you can speak our language. Commit to and finish the interview process. We know it can take time. We want to get this right and we know you want to make sure we’re the best fit for you. These things can take time, but are typically worth the wait. So hang in there with us and while you’re patiently waiting to hear, continue to become an expert in what your new role will be. And please follow up. If we’ve asked you for more credentials or written recommendations or samples of your work quickly provide it because if you don’t how can we trust you to complete your assigned tasks?

5. When you’re in LinguaLinx country (our offices!) come prepared and dress appropriately. This may sound interview 101, but you’d be surprised at how many potential candidates get tripped up at this step. You can view pictures of our team right on our website. You’ll see how we dress so take the dressiest example and emulate it when it’s time to visit because you only have one chance to make a great first impression. And be prepared to ask us lots of questions. We’ll be asking you many throughout your visit. This is your opportunity to dig deep into the culture, vibe, work we do and all things LinguaLinx so don’t be shy! Bookmark our careers page and when we have opportunities for you to join our team we hope you’ll consider learning LinguaLinx and immersing yourself in what we do. 

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