When you hire a certified translation service provider, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality document translations. Managing translation projects can be challenging. Finding certified translators will make the process easier and save you money.

How Are Document Translations Certified?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international standard-setting body of representatives from various national standards organizations.

ISO 17100 Translation Services Management System is one of the certifications available for document translation.  ISO 17100 is internationally recognized, signifying that the certified translator provides the highest level of quality in translation services. 

The ISO holds translators to a measurable standard. An ISO 17100 certified team like LinguaLinx verifies that all of the language services providers on the team are fully qualified to handle your translation needs in an accurate and professional manner.

Few translation firms have ISO certification (less than 1%) which makes it that much more important to hire that rare company like LinguaLinx who has gone the extra mile to earn this certification.


Why Should You Hire Certified Translators?

  • Efficiency            

Extended timelines cost time and money.  Certified language services providers are experienced. They can deliver in a timely manner.

  • Professional contracts

You need a contract that will spell out the specific parameters of your project to avoid any last-minute issues that can put your project over budget. Within the contract, a maximum price and time frame can be set. Most certified translators and translation companies work from industry standard rates for translation.

  • Quality and accuracy

When rates are normally worked out on a price-per-word basis, having the work done accurately and efficiently is essential. Without certification or a past list of clients and projects, there is no way to be sure the translated material is accurate until it is too late.

  • Guaranteed quality
A freelancer can claim to be qualified, but without certification, there is no way to be sure.  Accuracy is not something you want to gamble when it comes to translating medical or legal documentation, for instance. Someone’s life could hang on every word.
  • Strict quality control process

A professional translation agency with a team of certified language service providers can form a virtual assembly line of editing, proofreading, and revision.  A standardized QA process ensures strict compliance.

For example, context and formality rules are an important part of translation quality assurance. Technology and medical industries have specific terminology, and a QA process ensures appropriate compliance and accuracy.

LinguaLinx has an extensive roster of certified, vetted translators, editors, and proofreaders for many languages and subject matters.

Don’t take the chance on an uncertified translation service. Freelancers rarely have a quality assurance process or abundant reputable references. Hiring the wrong document translation service could cost you unnecessary time and a lot of money.

LinguaLinx is certified under the ISO 17100 Translation Services Management System. We provide fast, accurate, and effective translation and localization solutions from experts worldwide for any project in any language. Visit us online to learn more about all the translation services we provide.

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