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The True Value of Advanced Interpretation

Assuming that anyone who speaks another language can serve as an interpreter is a very common mistake. That’s like saying anyone who can read a book can become a great novelist - it’s just not that easy.

When you’re searching for online translation services, there are several competencies you should look for. Advanced interpretation is chief among them. Advanced interpretation is not just word-for-word translation; it includes localization, specialized transcreation, and subject-matter expertise.

Our team is comprised of native-speaking experts who can give context to the writing as it relates to the target culture and the relevant industry.

Why is advanced interpretation key? Read on to learn more.

Save Time and Money

One reason advanced interpretation is important is that it cuts down on errors that could in turn cost time and money. If you hire someone who not only knows the language but is also a native speaker and a certified translator with expertise in the field of a topic, you’re more likely to get a translation that’s right the first time.

At LinguaLinx, our team of experts works in all industries, but our subject-matter expertise runs deep in several key industries for which translations are complex but crucial.

Localization is Beneficial

Functional or directive content alone can be effectively communicated via literal translation. Therefore, another critical reason advanced interpretation is necessary is the fact that websites, product information, and brand/marketing communications are more likely to benefit from localization than a literal translation.

Localization is typically more complex and nuanced than translation. It takes into consideration language subtleties, cultural expectations, and target-market distinctions to convey the meaning of the source communication in a more culturally cogent manner.

If you want to make a stronger connection with a target region or ethnicity, the benefits of localization can be enormous.

Excellent Writers Improve Your Translation

Another reason that advanced interpretation is so important is that the quality of the writing must meet high standards. Thus, in order to provide advanced interpretation, translators must also be excellent writers. Aside from delivering professionally written documents (or transcribed audio or video) free from grammatical and spelling errors, our translators provide so much more.

New call-to-action

Creating effective marketing copy is an art in any language. Adapting that copy into other languages in a manner that retains the intent of the source material is even more complex. Traditional and literal translations may fall short of capturing tone and context, so conveying the authentic meaning of a marketing message often requires specialized transcreation and multilingual translation services.

At LinguaLinx, our multilingual copywriting and transcreation services make sure that adapted copy is as effective as the source.

Choosing the right online translation service is essential to making sure your materials are interpreted correctly. Advanced interpretation can provide that extra security, knowing that you won’t lose any meaning and allowing you to better connect with your customers via effective marketing copy that is culturally accurate and industry-specific.

Why choose us? Our translation, localization, and subject-matter experts have proven that they are the best in the business. The LinguaLinx team has the professional skills and experience to fit your requirements, and we will deliver on-time and with the highest standards.

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