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The “Al” in Arabic Language

The prefix “al” means “the” in the Arabic language.

Ever hear names in the news such as Abu Hamza al-Muhajer, Mowaffaq al-Rubaie, al-Badri, Ansar al-Sunna, or al-Zarqawi?

Surely, we are all familiar with al-Qaeda; literally translated, al-Qaeda means “the base” or “the foundation”. But what does ‘al’ mean?


al Means The

The prefix “-al” is the equivalent of the English word “the”. According to a recent article: “Surnames that begin with ‘al’ often refer to the place where someone’s ancestors were born.

Saddam Hussein, for example, used to be called by his family name, ‘al-Tikriti.’ Since ‘al-‘ serves as the definite article, the name ‘Saddam al-Tikriti’ means ‘Saddam, the guy from Tikrit.’

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Why Do Names End In The Letter I?

In these cases, the last name generally ends with the letter ‘i,’ which turns the name of a place into a description of a person. Arabic surnames can also combine the definite article with the name of a profession. Ali Hassan al-Majid, for example, was given the nickname ‘Chemical Ali,’ or ‘Ali al-Kimyai’which can be translated as ‘Ali the Chemist.’ (Indeed, the English word ‘alchemy' comes from the Arabic term for chemistry combined with the ‘al-‘ prefix.)

Interesting Facts About Arabic to English Translation


The Arabic Language is filled with many such nuances. That’s why successful marketing and localization require a thorough understanding of the Arabic culture to make a translation truly successful.


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