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Compliance Wave, LLC is an innovative leader in ethics and compliance training content. With a collection of more than 4,000 multimedia communication tools and resources available in nearly 40 languages, Compliance Wave provides engaging and effective content that reaches millions of corporate employees worldwide. Serving businesses big and small, their impressive client list includes numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Intel, Delta Air Lines, General Motors, and Merck.

Business Challenge

It started out as a matter of good timing. When Compliance Wave met LinguaLinx at an ethics conference in 2018, the online compliance training company was readying for a new product launch that required significant translation. With an urgent need to deepen their translation bench, Compliance Wave was hopeful LinguaLinx could provide some additional support.

To test the waters, LinguaLinx was offered a trial project that required the savvy translation company to work outside the typical video subtitling format. After the project's successful completion, and several glowing references later, Compliance Wave was confident that LinguaLinx was the right fit for the upcoming launch.

For the product to be successful, Compliance Wave needed its new partner to provide a turnkey solution. In the past, the company managed all aspects of post-production internally, consuming valuable staff time and resources.

"We were creating our own internal bottleneck," said Jim Calabrese, Director of Product Development at Compliance Wave. "Serving as the middleman between production and translation was causing delays in workflow."

The Scope

LinguaLinx was on board one-hundred percent. Over the next year, LinguaLinx supported Compliance Wave in adding over 300 new items to their resource library. And by managing all elements of the post-production—including translation, voice-over, editing, and video integration—LinguaLinx enabled Compliance Wave to reinvent their internal process, improving both the quality and speed of their work.

"Translation is a complicated, asset-management-heavy business. LinguaLinx has really got a good handle on that process," said Calabrese. "That gives me added confidence when I work with them."

"Quality, cost, speed," he added. "LinguaLinx makes my life easier and that's very important."

Mission accomplished.

Whenever we can save time, it gives us an opportunity to look to the future and plan for new products. It’s a value that’s hard to put a price tag on, but it’s very significant.

Jim Calabrese Compliance Wave

LinguaLinx Staff Tell Their Own Stories

Andres Ravello Demaria, Head of Localization, Lingualinx
Andres Ravello Demaria
Head of Localization
Andres Ravello Demaria, Head of Localization, Lingualinx

Andres Ravello Demaria

Head of Localization

Andres is a seasoned localization manager with over a decade of experience. With a background as a software developer, he brings a unique perspective to his role, constantly seeking ways to optimize processes, accelerate timelines, and deliver exceptional results. Prior to joining LinguaLinx in 2020 as Head of Localization, Andres held various key positions at leading Localization Service Providers, including Test Lead, Project Manager, Program Manager, and Program Director. In these roles, he successfully managed Fortune 100 accounts and programs, overseeing international teams of over 100 individuals and thousands of suppliers. Andres takes pride in his ability to drive change management solutions, streamline processes, and implement cutting-edge technology for automation. He fosters an environment where every team member feels motivated and engaged. Beyond work, Andres finds joy in spending quality time with his family, immersing himself in books, engaging in soccer matches, and pushing his limits with weightlifting.

Andrew Slawsky, Team Lead, Lingualinx
Andrew Slawsky
Team Lead
Andrew Slawsky, Team Lead, Lingualinx

Andrew Slawsky

Team Lead

Andrew's priority is providing clients with an opportunity to live their best life, regardless of the language they are most comfortable speaking or where they are located. As a speaker of six languages (English, Arabic, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, French, American Sign Language), Andrew has spent his entire professional career in the language service industry. With a bachelor's degree in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, he understands the importance of translation and localization. In his spare time, he is a hobby farmer and is cultivating a mini fruit orchard with blue plum, apple and fig trees.

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