Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is a Fortune 500 company that provides information technology (IT) and professional services for commercial clients, the United States government, state governments and government agencies at the local level.

Our relationship with CSC began in 2005; it has expanded over this time to include multiple departments within the organization. One of our newer relationships is with the Global Contracts and Legal as a Shared Service (CLaaSS) team.

When Sreeni – a professional on the CLaaSS team – approached us with a large amount of documents in Danish that needed to be translated into English, we knew there were a lot of moving parts to manage!

Before starting the project, we identified a few concerns. Obviously, the first was turnaround time. The second was consistency. CSC identified the end users for these documents as key stakeholders. The average translator can translate roughly about 2,500 words per day. We informed the client about potential issues with consistency, and they said this would be fine, as there were many different files. We are also able to leverage our translation memory (TM) that we have built with this client to help ensure consistency.

Here is a quick timeline of the events:

The Process


We were given files with 94,000 words to be translated in a very short turnaround.


There was a lot of work in completing the prep, organization and dividing of source files. However, we knew that if we skipped these vital steps, we would likely encounter problems later that take a long time to fix. It was critical that we get all materials to our translators in the right format on our first try!


We assembled a team of 11 linguists who were qualified to perform legal translations and experienced in adapting materials from Danish into English. We created an aggressive timeline which included extensive weekend work and delivery of completed files on Monday. We briefed the translators. Ready? Set? Go!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Our linguists worked diligently and quickly on the files. The key to success was communication and responsiveness between the linguists, the project manager, the account manager and the client.


All files arrived from the team of linguists on time. There was a lot of internal quality assurance (QA). All files were delivered by end of business that day!

LinguaLinx Staff
Tell Their Own Stories

  • Colin Melanson

    Colin Melanson


    CSC is a great client to work with. They are always challenging us and testing our capacity. This project was a great example. This project was not quoted. Sreeni approached me with the specifics (files, deadline, and language combination) and said if we could complete this project within the time frame, then it was ours.
    Needless to say, we accepted the challenge!

    We reached out to dozens of resources within our trusted translator database for their capacity, availability, and qualifications to translate legal documents. We were able to assemble a team of 11 linguists to work on this project.

    Eriko took the lead on the production process and did a great job with file management and workflow. Our awesome team of linguists also came through to deliver their files on time. Our project managers all became quality assurance specialists that day, but we were able to get the job done!

  • Eriko Fujita

    Eriko Fujita


    Tons of prep! This was definitely an instance where we had to go above and beyond the normal scope of work/workflow to get something done! First, we had to organize the files; there were hundreds of files with many duplicates. I was able to use MemoQ (our translation memory tool) to help organize the files, delete the duplicates, and keep track of which linguists had which files. MemoQ allows us to view files and compare them side-by-side to determine if they are the same document or not.

    The documents had to be divided into 11 different batches with word counts ranging from approximately 3,000 words up to 12,300 words. We were also working on another Danish to English project at the same time for CSC, so we really had to reach out to our excellent network of resources.

    Personally, I worked extra hours to handle the file management after translation to be ready for quality assurance (QA). Ultimately, Bill, our Manager of Production, reached out to the entire department to help me with the QA to get this job done. It was a real team effort!

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