HanesBrands, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and provider of everyday basic apparel under a number of prominent brands such as Bali, Champion, Hanes, L’eggs, Playtex and Wonderbra. The Winston-Salem, NC-based company is on the Fortune 1000 list with 67,800 employees in more than 40 countries.

The Story

The story of LinguaLinx and HanesBrands began in 2007. Shortly after HanesBrands spun off from the Sara Lee Corporation in 2006, they began searching for a company that could not only translate employee information and legal documents for all parts of the globe, but also format them as needed. At LinguaLinx, we offer not only translation services, but also interpretation, multilingual copywriting, transcription, multicultural consulting, desktop publishing, website localization, as well as related audio and video expertise.

“We have a variety of ways that we present, so LinguaLinx also creates the layout of the various languages,” says Victoria, Manager of Global Ethics and Compliance. “They have been very helpful in document layouts in the various languages. We’ll develop materials internally in a design format and LinguaLinx will lay out the translated languages in the pre-designed format for us.”

Over the years, the number of languages has grown from 8 to 24!

Not only does HanesBrands have a presence in nearly 40 countries, but they also extend their reach via their suppliers and vendors. That makes it all the more important for information to be appropriately translated so there is no miscommunication.

But it’s not just our expertise with translation, formatting and presentation that has forged a strong relationship with HanesBrands; it’s also our customer service and responsiveness.

“When we embark on a project, we’re looking at planning and planning always involves finance. We’re able to submit a document and get a quote and they’re able to do that very quickly,” says Victoria. “(That) helps with execution as well.”

With HanesBrands being deadline driven, it’s essential that they stay within budget. So far, we have been up to the task of providing the required information for HanesBrands to make project decisions.

“LinguaLinx is easy to work with because we have defined timelines,” says Victoria. “The team helps us to estimate budget.”

She warned against using online translation tools such as Google Translate. Although they are free to use, the sites have been known to incorrectly translate words and phrases.

“There’s a real danger in free translations. The resources on the Web are limited. Accuracy — that’s important. Especially translating and making it visible to those around the world. You want to make sure the integrity of the document is maintained.”  

Victoria, Manager of Global Ethics and Compliance, HanesBrands
LinguaLinx Staff
Tell Their Own Stories
LinguaLinx Account Supervisor

Jennifer Agiovlasitis

Account Supervisor

Everyone at HanesBrands is wonderful! They are always so pleasant, understanding and eager to learn more about the processes. My two main contacts within the organization love the quick, responsive service we provide and do their part to promote us internally and externally!

We work mostly on their Real Estate Agreements (into English) and then all of their Ethics and Compliance documents such as Codes of Conduct, Anti-Bribery, etc. I can recall a very large project where we had to update their Code of Conduct and Integrity Guide in 24 languages. My team and I always try to make sure we meet all deadlines for HanesBrands. Our project team is very crucial in making sure all special instructions are followed and nothing is missed.

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