Consecutive Interpretation

Interpreters are real-time mediators for people who communicate in different languages. All LinguaLinx interpreters are masters of idiom, tone, semantics, and colloquialisms in order to render expressions accurately from one language into another. They also possess the ability to interpret intention and nuance to convey the overall feeling that one person is trying to express to another.

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LinguaLinx offers multiple types of professional interpreting, but the two primary types of interpretation are consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation is the most common interpretation type and is usually used in one-to-one conversations. The interpreter relays the message from one speaker to another, facilitating the conversation back and forth. During consecutive interpreting, each speaker will stop every so often (typically after a complete thought) to allow the interpreter to step in and translate what was said from the source language into the target language.

In this type of interpreting, the interpretation is more idiomatic and less literal. Consecutive interpreting is the interpretation style of choice for medical interpretation since speed and efficiency are slightly less important than clarity and intention.

It is a popular option during both formal and informal meetings and could be most effectively employed during the following occasions:

  • Human resource meetings
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Interviews
  • Court depositions and client/attorney meetings
  • Medical consultations

At LinguaLinx, our consecutive interpreting services use highly-trained interpreting professionals.

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