Telephone Interpretation

You can’t always predict when you’ll need an interpreter. You may need an interpreter on short notice, for a phone call, or even a web meeting where the person you need to communicate with isn’t in the same location as you. For situations like these, over-the-phone interpreting can be a lifesaver!


The LinguaLinx telephone interpreting service instantly connects you to phone interpreters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in over 100 languages. Unlike other options, our telephone interpreting service does NOT require equipment to lease, predictability requirements to satisfy, set-up fees, monthly minimums, or maintenance charges.

LinguaLinx Telephone Interpreting has many benefits including:
  • Access to 3,500 professional phone interpreters
  • Connect with your telephone interpreter in 30 seconds or less
  • Pay only for the time you use, down to the second
  • Avoid contracts, up-front charges, or monthly fees
  • Offer better customer service to non-English speakers
  • Spend less time relying on in-person interpreting resources
  • Reduce the cost of hiring bilingual staff or contractors
  • Improve enterprise-wide communications
  • Discounts for volume usage

Getting started is easy; get in touch with us and we’ll have you ready to connect with OPI services when you need them.

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